The Watsons Go to Birmingham

So I amazingly started reading this book and finished it up this weekend. I liked the book, but I thought it was going to be more about the birmingham bombing then it was. I was surprised that only the last few chapters were about it. It was really heart wrenching though. I felt like the book was very much centered around the relationship with his brother more than the bombings. The bombing was just an even that occured in their lives and changed their relationship.

I also want to know what was up with The Wool Pooh?? Who was that creature he kept seeing? I can’t seem to make up my mind whether it was something imaginary or what. I liked the book and feel like I can do a lot with it if I did a multi text study on it. I’m going to go ahead and read How I became Naomi Leonand see how much I like that one too. I also plan on reading Esperanza Rising. Emily said that it was really good and had to do a lot with immigration. I think this might be a good start to studying Mexico and Central America. 


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I poem

I wrote an I-poem about Blackbeard. I took a different approach to it while still trying to be factual. I hope you all like it! I thought about it a lot.

I was Blackbeard

I was Blackbeard the pirate

Fierce, tall, violent



Yes, misunderstood

I was born Edward Teach

A young sailor exploring and wandering

I became a privateer

Patron of my country

Until parliament said STOP, no more

How could I stop?

The life of a Pirate?

Once a Pirate, always a pirate

I became Blackbeard the pirate

Fierce, tall, violent



I see the smoke fusing out of my beard

I put bows of red on my hair

I frighten all those around me

Who would upset a mad man?

Sailing on the Queen Anne’s Revenge

I had seven wives

Legends and stories and rumors

Spreading through the sea

Faster than Black Death itself

Is there any account of me murdering someone?

Who did not try to unleash his wrath on me first?

What would any normal man do

In such a situation?

I demanded respect

That’s what I did

Who was he who said

It is better to be feared, than loved?

I lived by this statement.

I left this world in the hands of Maynard

He sliced my head off and hung it for show

I may have died

But my name will live

I am and always will be

Blackbeard the pirate

Fierce, tall, violent



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Me Map

I made a powerpoint for my MeMap. I decided to make it an interactive powerpoint other than just the typical click, next, click, next powerpoint. I geared it towards higher levels such as fifth or sixth graders. I think it would be wonderful for them to be able to see it and then perhaps create their own interactive powerpoint they can later post on their own blogs.

Me Map Powerpoint

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These poems were really sad

I know this is a bit random and outdated, but I wanted to say something on those apology poems. I cried when I read the poem about the little girl apologizing to her father for making him angry and leaving her. Apparently he mailed her this long letter and they changed it into a poem. The poem talked about (I think) how he was “at the end of his rope” until he got that poem from her. He said she saved his life that night! It was bad! I was on the appalcart when I started crying and my boyfriend was sitting there really confused, cause I had just been laughing at some other poems a couple seconds earlier. I read him the poem but it didn’t mean nearly as much to him as it meant to me!!

I loved it. Very inspirational.

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So first I’d like to mention that I absolutely LOVE the idea of doing a unit on Pirates in order to educate our students on certain literary and historical content. The way that the unit starts off is a great way to get students to become curious about pirates and excited. I try to imagine walking into a fourth grade classroom with pirate music playing in the background and all these pirate things surrounding me. I would immediately start to question what was going to happen and become increasingly excited about it.

The part where the students created their own wanted posters is a fabulous idea. I love that they get to put it on brown paper in order to make it look more authentic. Another mini lesson that I liked out of this unit is the one where they get to create their own crew and captain. This can teach students not only the basic of democracy and government but also about team work and community. I never realized how wonderful a unit could be by just using fictional texts along with informational texts. I really think that when I teach my upper elementary students I will implement this unit in there. They would absolutely enjoy it. I also think that this is something that could engage a lot of boys into reading who might have thought reading was stupid or pointless before.

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So much depends on…

So much Depends on….

my lip gloss

My ECU pecil

(( I’ll get some pictures soon ))

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My Pencil

Final Draft

So much depends upon my pencil

My short, stubby mystical pencil

Eternally there when I desired

Following me wherever I went

I’ve misplaced it so many times

It always manages to find me

In the bathroom of my high school

On the floor, sitting patiently

Hiding clandestinely in my bag

Following me up to school

A seven year journey

My pencil

Forever by my side

First Draft

So much depends upon my pencil

My short, stubby pencil

Always there when I needed

Following me wherever I went

I’ve lost it so many times

But it always finds me.

In the bathroom of my high school

On the floor sitting patiently

Hiding secretly in my bag

Following me up to school

A seven year journey

My pencil

Always by my side

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